Know About : Directorate of Signals Intelligence

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The Signals Intelligence Directorate is a joint service organisation, manned by personnel from the Army, Navy and Air Force. It has a large number of WEUs (Wireless Experimental Units) that carry out the task of monitoring military links of other countries.

The Central Monitoring Organisation (CMO) is directly under the Ministry of Defence. It has several monitoring companies, located at different locations around the country. Task is to monitor use of radio spectrum by all users, such as Defence, Police, AIR, Railways, PSUs etc.

Signals Intelligence Analyst :

Signals intelligence analysts are like the ears of the Army, listening for foreign communications and producing intelligence reports based on what they discover. This work can have a significant impact on strategy and tactical decisions.

Those seeking this job should be interested in working with radio equipment and enjoy the detective aspects of the job, which involves finding clues to help answer questions. Since the work can be repetitive, an ability to remain alert during slower periods also is helpful.

Soldiers in this MOS gather, sort and intercept messages, to identify valid intelligence and Counter Intelligence. They identify targets, maintain databases, work on camouflage and recovery of surveillance systems and prepare both technical and tactical intelligence reports based on their findings.

The Directorate of Signals Intelligence works closely with Radio Monitoring Service, Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Research & Analysis Wing (RAW), Intelligence Bureau (IB), Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI), Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA), Directorate of Military Intelligence, Joint Cipher Bureau, & National Investigation Agency (NIA).

Hierarchy :

Group A –
Director (Lt. General Rank)
Special Director (Major General Rank)
Addl. Director (Brigadier Rank)
Joint Director (Colonel Rank)
Deputy Director (Lieutenant Colonel Rank)
Assistant Director (Major Rank)
Joint Assistant Director (Lieutenant Rank)

Group B –
Chief Signals Intelligence Analyst
Senior Signals Intelligence Analyst
Signals Intelligence Analyst

Group C –
Assistant Signals Intelligence Analyst
Junior Signals Intelligence Analyst
Signal Intelligence Assistant

Group A Officers in Directorate of Signals Intelligence are Indian Army / Navy / Airforce Officers, whereas 60 % of Group B & C Officers are recruited directly through Defence Exams & rest 40 % Group B & C officers are on deputation from various departments like : State Police, CRPF, BSF, etc.

Extended Power of Directorate of Signals Intelligence :

In December 2018, The Central Home Ministry has authorised ten security and intelligence agencies to intercept, monitor and decrypt any information generated, transmitted, received or stored in any computer resource.

Among the agencies that have been authorised are the Intelligence Bureau, Narcotics Control Bureau, the Enforcement Directorate, the Central Board of Direct Taxes, Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, Central Bureau of Investigation, National Investigation Agency, Cabinet Secretariat (RAW), Directorate of Signal Intelligence (For service areas of Jammu & Kashmir, North-East and Assam only), and the Commissioner of Police, Delhi.


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