Joint Director Nageshwar Rao Becomes interim CBI Director

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New Delhi : In the midst of internal fight between CBI Director Alok Verma and Special Director Rakesh Asthana, the government on Wednesday stepped in and appointed M Nageshwar Rao as interim chief of the investigating agency “with immediate effect”.

Both Alok Verma and Rakesh Asthana have been sent on leave. The Prime Minister-led appointments committee in an order on Tuesday night has given charge of director to Joint Director M Nageshwara Rao with immediate effect, a government order said.

The order implies that the government has sidelined all the three additional directors number three in the agency’s hierarchy, including A K Sharma, whose name had figured in the complaint by Asthana.

cbi director
Government Orders on new Interim CBI Director

Both CBI director Alok Verma and special director Rakesh Asthana have been “Divested of all powers”, sources said, calling it the first such case in the history of the agency.

Nageshwar Rao, IPS, was working as joint director in the agency. He will look after duties and functions of director CBI and shall take over the duties and functions with immediate effect.

According to top government officials, the whole action pertaining to removing CBI director Alok Verma and special director Rakesh Asthana has been taken after the Chief Vigilance Commission (CVC), which has got complaints of corruption against Verma, felt that as long as these two stay in the agency, there can’t be fair probe on charges against them.

The government’s action comes a day after high-voltage drama involving director Alok Verma and special director Rakesh Asthana in the Delhi high court.

Source : TOI


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