Customs, DRI, ACB News (22 oct 2019)

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Chennai Customs (Airport) officials seize gold worth over Rs 1 crore, USD 10,000 from passengers

Chennai : In a big achievement, Customs officials conducted four different operations at the Chennai international airport and seized a total of gold worth over Rs 1 crore and ten thousand US Dollars from passengers.

Luggage of seven Indian passengers, coming from Sri Lanka and Dubai, were searched by the officials on Thursday on the grounds of suspicion.

The search led to the seizure of gold weighing over 2.6 kgs in total in three different operations on Thursday, according to a press release by the Office of Commissioner of Customs.

One of the nabbed passengers, who was bound to Singapore via Colombo, was carrying USD 10,000 equivalent to Rs 7 lakh in Indian currency. The same was recovered and seized under the Customs Act 1962 read with FEMA (Export and Import of currency) (Amendment) (Regulations), 2015.

The customs officials also seized five refurbished laptops and 5600 sticks of cigarettes valued at Rs 81,000 under the Customs Act, 1962 from the two of the passengers, according to the release.
Further investigation is under progress.

Over Rs 27 Lakh worth gold in paste form seized from passenger at Hyderabad airport

Hyderabad : The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) has seized 832 grams of gold in form of paste amounting worth over Rs 27 Lakhs from a passenger at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) here. The accused have been arrested.

According to DRI, based on specific intelligence input, officials intercepted a passenger who arrived by Air India Flight from Mumbai to Hyderabad on October 18 at the arrival hall of RGIA.

Upon enquiry, it was revealed that the said passenger was entrusted with the job of carrying gold in paste form which was given to him by his friend in Mumbai.

“On examination, it was found that gold in paste form was wrapped with black colour adhesive tape into 3 elliptical shaped balls and concealed in the rectum of the person,” said DRI.

The gold in paste form weighing 832 grams, which on further examination turned out to be having a gold content of 724 grams valued at Rs.27,87,400, informed DRI.

Further, according to the officials, the passenger admitted that the gold was smuggled into the country and he did not have any documents to prove the licit purchase/import of the said gold.

The smuggled gold has been seized under the Customs Act, 1962 and the person is arrested.
Further investigation is in progress.

Hyderabad ACB arrests Drug Inspector while taking bribe

Hyderabad : Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) arrested a drug inspector in Hyderabad allegedly for taking the bribe.

On Friday, B Lakshmi, in-charge Drug Inspector, Hyderabad and Secunderabad was caught red-handed by ACB officials at her residence here when she allegedly accepted the bribe in the form of a gold necklace worth Rs 1.10 lakh from complainant L Lakshmi Reddy, CEO of Janani Voluntary Blood Bank, Bowenpally.

B Lakshmi allegedly demanded the bribe in lieu of not submitting the inspection report prepared by her against the blood bank to the senior officials of the Drug Control Administration.

Earlier on October 5, the accused officer B Lakshmi demanded and accepted the bribe amount of Rs 50,000 in the form of cash from the complainant during her inspection at the blood bank.

ACB officials have received the necklace from B Lakshi’s possession.

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