Bizmen demanding to extend time to file IT and GSTR

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Chennai : Claiming that business has been hit very hard due to the impact of steps taken by the governments to contain COVID-19, Tamil Nadu Vanigar Sangankalin Peramaippu has urged the Centre and State governments to extend the deadline to file Income Tax and Goods and Sales Tax returns (GSTR) .

Its president A.M. Vikkiramaraja told reporters here on Wednesday that many large and small scale trade and business establishments across the State had downed shutters on the instructions of the State government to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Business had plummeted in almost all parts of the State including Chennai as large sections of people preferred to remain indoors. Most of the traders were feeling the heat and sustaining revenue loss, he said.

While welcoming the preventive measures, he said the situation could worsen in the days to come following a series of preventive measures taken by the governments.

Shopping malls, cinema halls, tourist and picnic places and temples had been kept out of bounds of the public. It would have a severe bearing on the business and revenue of traders.

In some places, officials were forcing even small businesses to close. The government should come out with a clear order on this aspect, he demanded.

He said it was important for the Centre to extend the deadline for filing income tax returns. It should avoid levying penalty for the defaulters.

Apart from avoiding penalty proceedings for defaulters, the Centre should extend the last date for filing GSTR. Additional time should be given for traders to go on appeals.

He said the Centre should impress upon nationalised and private banks to defer collection of instalments on loan availed by traders and businessmen.

Water tax and electricity charges should be collected at minimum levels for the next six months, he demanded.

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