Bihar S.P. Celebrating CBI Transfer With Gunshots

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Patna : A Bihar S.P. (Superintendent of Police) has been caught on camera firing shots in the air in celebration, surrounded by a huge crowd, at what was his farewell party on Tuesday night.

Siddharth Mohan Jain IPS, the S.P. at Katihar, has been shifted to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) as part of large-scale transfers of top officers by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

While many have been shunted out, Mr Jain is believed to be among those who have got favourable postings. The Indian Police Service (IPS) officer had applied for a transfer to the CBI.

In the video that is being circulated online, S.P. Jain is seen standing next to an officer, Mithilesh Mishra, who is singing a popular Hindi film song on friendship. It was their joint farewell party and went on till late night.

Suddenly, S.P. Jain is seen firing shots in the air to match the beats of the song. He allegedly fired nine shots.

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No one was injured but the display of unruly, irresponsible behavior by a top police officer is shocking to those who have watched the video.

Celebratory firing in the air, still a tradition at weddings in parts of northern India, often turns deadly when stray bullets hits people.

No case has been registered against the police officer for misuse of his official weapon.

Another video has caught an outgoing Superintendent of Police, shifted from Munger to Bhagalpur, dancing with abandon on the road with a large group, wearing a marigold garland.

Source : NDTV

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